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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When It Rains, It Pours

Our dryers died!!!

Yes, I said dryers.
Plural....more than one!

Our main dryer and our back-up dryer.

Not good....not good at all!!!

Worst of all......it is my fault that we are in this predicament.

You see, I stayed after work on Saturday to bathe two of my Standards.
I bathed and dried the first one, no problem.
I bathed the second one and had my youngest son dry her while I finished up the first one.
My son went to turn on the dryer and it was dead.
It did not make a sound.


I pulled out the trusty back-up dryer, and my son dried the second Standard.

Then we went home.....

.....and I promptly, totally, completely forgot about the dead dryer.

Yes, I forgot.

A whole weekend went by where I could have ordered another dryer and had it on its way.
I knew that we needed another dryer.
I knew that the main dryer was not lone for this world.
We work our dryers so hard.
The main dryer is going from around 8:15 till 2 or 3 in the afternoon, five days a week.
That poor thing really gets a workout.

I had been meaning to order another dryer...really I had.
I am too busy during the day to order, and I didn't think of it at night when I came home.

I know.
Excuses, excuses.

Well, we are paying for it now!

I didn't remember about the main drier till we got back into work on Tuesday, but we had the back-up, so we were still okay.
I was not feeling well last night and once again forgot about ordering a new dryer.

Then this morning the back-up dryer died.
After only drying two dogs.
It just stopped.

We had a full day of dogs ahead of us to dry.

Now, I do have 3 HV dryers in my Self-Serve.
But, for a professional groomer they are laughable.
You see, I do not buy the really good dryers for my Self-Serve.
I did at first.
I learned, 13 years ago, when I first opened my Self-Serve Dog Wash, not to buy the really nice dryers.
Sadly, the public does not take care of my dryers the way that I do.
I can't tell you how many times the dryers have been broken by careless customers.
Not only that, but I don't particularly trust my customers with the nice, powerful driers. :/

So, we were left with these sad excuses for professional HV driers to work with.

We tried to order a dryer immediately.
I was willing to pay extra to have it sent over night....my punishment for not ordering a dryer sooner.
Only there was a problem.
The dryer that I was going to buy had to be mailed from the manufacture.
It would take one to two weeks for delivery.


There is no way that we could go that long without a decent HV dryer.
I still don't know how I groomed for more than 10 years without any HV dryer.

So I called Davis®.
I had one of their dryers once before and really liked it.
I bit the bullet and ordered their more powerful dryer.
It is variable speed, which is a must for me.
It is not the same dryer that I had before, because they no longer make them.
It is a dryer that they recommend, and they say, is the same as the ones that they used to make.

I really like Davis®, and I am praying that I like this new dryer.
It will be delivered by Friday.
Lets hope that is Friday morning, and not Friday afternoon. :)

One more full day of drying a ton of dogs with poor, weak, slow dryers. :(
I still have to buy another good back-up dryer too.
Lesson learned.
Boy, was this lesson learned....the hard way!

Well, I will be posting to let you know how I like....or don't like this new dryer.

I am going to like this dryer.
I am going to like this dryer.
I am going to like this dryer.

Positive thoughts. :)
Positive thoughts. :)

Happy Grooming, MFF


  1. I am so sorry!

    If the Davis dryers work anywhere as well as their ProPet bathing system you will be so happy:)

    1. Thanks,
      I have always been happy with Davis products. I always wondered about their ProPet bathing system.
      Lisa, MFF