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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Can I Groom My Dog Now!

Groomers everywhere will understand this question.

How many times have you looked at your dog(s), at the end of a long day of grooming, and thought; 'boy, do you need a grooming'?
You stand there for a few minutes.. and your brain is saying;  'go ahead.. put him in the tub.. it won't take that long..just one more dog'...
...But, your body is screaming; 'you even think about grooming one more dog, and this body will pay you back big time.'

I decided Friday that I was going to stay after work Saturday, no matter how I felt, and groom my St. Poodle puppy, 'Hunter'.
It would be his first clip.
I was also going to do a practice groom on my girl, 'Hanna' to get an idea of how long it will take me to do some of the creative before the competition in September.

'Hunter' is a little over 5 months old now.

I have clipped his feet and face about a half a dozen times since I got him.

He has also had a number of baths.
He is pretty good in the tub.
Still not too crazy about the HV, but is good about it, and has gotten a lot better about his feet.

I clipped his face and feet last week, and he got a bath, but I didn't have time then to clip him.

Actually, I really like him long and shaggy.

OMG! I sound like my customers!

I decided to scissor him all over.

I couldn't wait to see what his coat was going to look like under the puppy fuzz.

 I like the Pom on the tail, but I want him to have the German tail.

He is still growing out of the baboon butt that the breeder gave him right before I picked him up.

I am still waiting for the hair to get longer at the base of the tail, that is why the tail does not look very good right now.

Here I go again, sounding like my customers..

..I also like the shaggy head with the clean face.  :)

What gentle eyes he has.

He has a thin spot in the top of his topknot, towards the back of the head.

I hope that his head will thicken up.

I have heard that clipping the coat very short all over can help the coat come in thicker.

I don't want to do that.  :/

He did really good standing still on the table.

I pretty much just shaped up his legs.

I want them fuller, but they are not growing as fast as his body right now.

As for my girl 'Hanna'.

No. I didn't get time to work on her.
I could have if I wanted to stay at work until 11pm or later.

Plus, I am having trouble deciding about a couple of the colors that I want to use.

I can't make up my mind.  :(
My family keeps saying that she looks like she has mange, or a really bad hair cut.  :(

And, I am questioning my design...not a good thing when you are only a couple of months away from the competition.  :(

I'll work on her next Saturday.


I will!

Stop shaking your head!

I have a week to make a decision.
I'll make myself stay after work again.  :)

I will!

Happy Grooming, MFF

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